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Hi there fellow Newgrounders-- David here!

So you might be asking yourselves: "David- where in the hell have you been? Didn't you mention something about trying to go on Newgrounds more often?" Why yes I did say that. But the thing is I haven't really made cartoons lately. At least not for my channel.

I first did some work on the Mama Luigi Collab which you can find here on Newgrounds - https://t.co/uB4wwG8piz

And at the moment I'm working with the Totally Tubular Collab (Oney Plays) to create something awesome for them as well! - COMING SOON

And of course- I've spent most of my time teamed up with 20 animators, organising the Starbomb Collaborations first production - Glass Joe's Title Fight which you can find both here on Newgrounds and Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cHtYUKY6Swg


So what about my own content? 

Great question! Currently at the moment I'm thinking about making a new short film based off the first Pokémon Battle- Pokémon Battle 2 (seeing as this year, that short film got me nominated in the state for the Mocktail category), and maybe another Game Grumps animated- or who knows? Oney Plays animated??


Anywho. I'll fill you in. At the moment my concentration is going to be towards my studies at school as I'm about to head into my final year... very exciting. Anyway! Thank you for checking this update- I will try and use Newgrounds more often. When I get the chance.




Hey guys! So I've made a design you guys can buy on a t-shirt, notepad, whatever really! Be sure to check it out!




"...GOD DAMN!"

Hey there guys! David here, so yes I'm on Newgrounds now as well, figured I'd join the herd of animators. I'll be uploading all my flash animations here soon so stay tuned, and if you're new here, HI! I'm David like I've already said, I'd do the whole intro, but just check out those links guys! Anyway, here's to new beginnings!